The Church of Eleven22

The Church of Eleven22

Church at 14286 Beach Boulevard #2, Jacksonville, FL 32250

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in Jacksonville, FL

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  • Amazing pastor. Loved the experience and fellowship at this church.

    Added June 20, 2017 by Josh Napolitano
  • What a great experience. I do not care for organized religion, and all of the ritualistic type activities. This is a place I felt very comfortable, come as you are with most people, including pastuer Joby, wore jeans, or shorts. The message was clear, it was fun, it was not all dressed up like a stage show, there was not even a collection passed around or mentioned. There were just drop boxes at the rear. I really felt a great connection. I will be back.

    Added June 04, 2017 by Banks Van Pelt
  • A movement for all people to discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Added April 22, 2017 by Mark Prideaux
  • Proud to be an "1122'r"!!!! We found our home here. The environment is uplifting and positive.

    Added January 17, 2017 by Kateenah Hunter
  • I was invited to this church around Christmas time. I had always since a child attended Baptist only churches, including my baptism. I loved Eleven22, the atmosphere, the kind people, a mixture of all color and races, a place of worship just like I had attended up till my mid 50's. The difference in Eleven22 it is not divided by a Denomination, but was there for all to come and do what we do in all these other divided churches, and that was to Worship. I've finally found my church.

    Added December 04, 2016 by Patricia Sharpe
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